One of the first questions anyone who enters the world of cryptocurrencies asks is: what can I buy with Bitcoin.

First, it must be said that although Bitcoin is evolving as an alternative store of value to traditional assets (one above all, gold), it was actually born as a means of payment.

Satoshi Nakamoto’s original goal put down in the whitepaper was to make it a form of electronic money for online payments.

In this sense Bitcoin is widely used.

Meanwhile, it must be said that with Bitcoin Future you can make online purchases and purchases in physical stores.

There are some platforms that allow you to locate online and offline stores that accept bitcoin, including:

Coinmap: is a real map where you can enter your location and find places that accept Bitcoin divided into various categories, from ATMs to clubs to stores. is a site that divides the categories where you can spend Bitcoin in goods, services and leisure. From work to games, this platform lists just about everything.

Spendabit: looks almost like an ecommerce platform: just type in what you’re looking for (e.g. Smartphone), and the platform redirects you to all possible smartphones that you can buy online (on other sites), paying for them with Bitcoin.

What can I buy with Bitcoin? From consoles to travel

In addition to the aggregation platforms of various sites and services, there are large and important companies that allow you to make purchases with Bitcoin.

For example, Microsoft provides among its payment systems to be able to pay with Bitcoin.

Even travel can be bought with Bitcoin. There is not only Travala, which was created to pay in cryptocurrencies, but also the Expedia portal now accepts Bitcoin.

In the world of e-commerce, Amazon still doesn’t allow you to pay with Bitcoin. But Shopify does. Etsy also accepts payments in Bitcoin. So does Overstock.

And then there’s the restaurant supply chain. Some chains have started accepting Bitcoin as a payment system, as in the case of Domino’s Pizza or Pizza Hut.

It must be said that everything depends on the countries where you are. In fact, not all legislations allow payment in cryptocurrency.

With Bitcoin you can really buy everything. Even funerals. Yes because Crescent Tide, a funeral service in Minnesota, United States allows you to pay for the funeral ceremony in cryptocurrency.

Ultimately, shopping with Bitcoin has never been easier and more inclusive.

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