They hold $1.2 billion in bitcoins (BTC): this Asian giant is betting on a new Eldorado.

No more stopping them – Days go by and they all look the same: the Asian investment fund Three Arrows Capital is the latest hedge fund in a long list to accentuate its bitcoin-centric position… And the least we can say is that its managers are not going to stop there.

The hardest part is the first billion

It is as often the crypto-media The Block which released the news of the day: Three Arrows Capital, a hedge fund based in Singapore, does not do half measures! Indeed, the group continues to evolve its exposure to Bitcoin, through Grayscale and its Bitcoin Fund (GBTC).

And the hedge fund has just informed the American financial policeman of its new plans: to increase its exposure to exceed one billion dollars of Bitcoin held, i.e. some 36,969 Bitcoins (or 6.1% of the Bitcoins managed by Grayscale).

Institutionals and big investors are no longer being stopped, and nothing says that their compulsive desire to accumulate Bitcoin will soon pass them by. Grayscale will be the last one to complain about it, the firm having recently exceeded 20 billion dollars of cryptomoney under management.

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